Tsukioka OnsenBeautifying Hot Spring

Welcome to Tsukioka Onsen

Welcome to summer in Tsukioka
when the smell of sulfur fills the air.

Tsukioka Onsen was opened in 1915. It got its start as a spa when the hot spring was discovered by chance while digging for oil.
The smell of sulfur fills the air in this hot spring town. Inns,restaurants and souvenir shops line the streets, and when evening comes,
an exotic townscape with on-the-go, glamorous kimono-clad geisha greets tourists.


About hot springs

Let the beautifying hot spring beautify your body and mind.

Tsukioka Onsen has one of the highest concentrations of sulfur in Japan.
It’s called a beautifying hot spring.
Slightly alkaline, it’s gentle on the skin, and the sulfur in the water turns it a rare and beautiful emerald green. The sulfur content is so high that it turns precious metal black. It’s said to have a beneficial effect on dermatitis and adult diseases, but the biggest draw is its beautifying effect on skin.

Walking on a hot spring street

Take a walk through this fun and exotic hot spring town.

There are many unique shops, including ones with foot baths where you can enjoy casually soaking your feet in water from Tsukioka Onsen, ones where you can try Niigata sake and foods, and ones specializing in manju (steamed buns with fillings). Trying various things while taking in the town scenery is one of the real charms of trips here. Enjoy a special time that can only be experienced in a hot spring town.

Hotel guide

Enjoy a relaxing time in Tsukioka.

The inns and hotels at Tsukioka Onsen each have their own unique appeal. There are various kinds of inn, from large ones with public facilities to small, private ones that are almost hidden away. Choose one based on your preferences and purpose and then kick back and relax.

Love Trip

Tsukioka Onsen promotes love and beautiful skin.
Take a Love Trip for couples!!

There are many locations at Tsukioka Onsen that grant wishes for love. There are items hidden in Carillon Park and throughout the town that promote love,
so have fun looking for them as a couple on a love-filled stroll!

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Tsukioka Geigi

Elegant and graceful...
Enjoy the elegant and graceful dancing of Tsukioka geisha.

The number of geisha, a tradition in hot spring areas, has been decreasing year after year in each area. Tsukioka Onsen is a rarity in that respect as there are still around 30 geisha here. The geisha culture has been highly valued at Tsukioka Onsen.
If you’ll be having a party at Tsukioka Onsen, don’t miss the opportunity to hire Tsukioka geisha. They’ll make sure your evening party is elegant and enjoyable.

Visit the Tsukioka Geisha website
Recommended shop

Various shops to experience premium Niigata products at Tsukioka Onsen

At the center of the hot spring town are various shops, including one where you can try sake and wines made in Niigata,
one where you can try Niigata dried fish and fermented foods, and one where you can try making and decorating homemade rice crackers.
Enjoy a stroll through town.


Try premium local sake brewed in Niigata



Shop where you can try and purchase Niigata specialties



Shop where you can try making and decorating rice crackers



Shop where you can try and purchase Niigata drinks



Try making and buy various products made with Niigata rice powder



This specialty shop offers gelato and Niigata-esque smoothies featuring domestic fruits and vegetables, primarily from Niigata.


The links below provide information on other souvenir shops and restaurants in the hot spring town.

Special time at Tsukioka

Enjoy a luxurious experience at Tsukioka Onsen.

Directions to Tsukioka Onsen

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